Aqua by Clifford White


Genre : Gentle and refreshing, Aqua mixes a light cocktail of tropical rhythms with cool and refreshing textures, making it an ideal album for relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing. A journey of aquatic bliss that submerges the senses.
  1. Equatorial
  2. Amazonia
  3. The Tropical Zone
  4. Aqua

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This video contains clips of all of the tracks from the Aqua album.

“New age composer and keyboard artist Clifford White goes to realms equatorial for this musical interpretation of tropical ocean romances. The beats are soft Latin, similar to the bossa nova, with a seductive electric bassline throughout. If, in your dreams, you were dancing at a tropical Caribbean resort with your dream lover…the air is sultry…the drinks are working their charms…and the band plays a slow dance. Most people usually leave the dance floor, not brave enough to admit their romance. But you don’t. You don’t really have to listen…or really dance much. You disappear into liquid vibes of the music. That is Aqua. The title piece, however, might transport you to a tropical lagoon.” – Carol Wright, All Music Guide, April 2005.

“Every week this CD acquires new admirers all over the world and from the moment of release it stays in a list of bestsellers of New Age music. The album Aqua is filled with sounds, rhythms and various moods of the sea. You can hear the languid whisper of a sea wave caressing every inch of its way with the delicate fingers of white foam. In a hurry it makes way for the other one in a constantly pulsing rhythm of the sea, endless as time itself… Noise of the wind, sounds of the sea and electronic instruments take you to the kingdom of beautiful music which is ideal for loving, relaxing and enjoying calmness. A gifted composer Clifford White is also appearing as an amazing virtuoso playing his compositions with great skill. Give free rein to your poetic dreams and make a journey along the boundless scope of imagination…” – Dmitry Shakin, Radio Vladivostok, August 2005.

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    Aqua by Clifford White
    Equatorial // Aqua
    1. Equatorial // Aqua
    2. Amazonia // Aqua
    3. The Tropical Zone // Aqua
    4. Aqua // Aqua