Atlantis by Clifford White


Genre : The mystery of a lost civilisation is brought back to life in this epic musical adventure by Clifford White. Sweeping and majestic, powerful and rhythmic, Atlantis voyages back in time to revisit the ancient Atlanteans in an awe-inspiring journey guaranteed to surprise, dazzle and astound.
  1. Atlantis
  2. Catacombs
  3. Xtasea
  4. The Kingdom
  5. Voices of the Aegean
  6. Time Tunnels
  7. Edge of the Ocean
  8. New World
  9. Summit
  10. Ascendant
  11. Exodus

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    Atlantis by Clifford White
    Atlantis // Atlantis
    1. Atlantis // Atlantis
    2. Catacombs // Atlantis
    3. Xtasea // Atlantis
    4. The Kingdom // Atlantis
    5. Voices of the Aegean // Atlantis
    6. Time Tunnels // Atlantis
    7. Edge of the Ocean // Atlantis
    8. New World // Atlantis
    9. Summit // Atlantis
    10. Ascendant // Atlantis
    11. Exodus // Atlantis