Cityscape by Clifford White


Genre : Containing some of the most upbeat tracks of the SYNERGY series thus far, Cityscape takes you on a journey through an imaginary city, where futuristic skyscrapers touch the clouds and cars float on currents of air. Pulsing with the heartbeat of a inspiring metropolis, Cityscape explores a variety of styles and moods, from the retro-synthwave inspired Sidewalk and the exotic lounge-inspired groove of Lovers Lane to the expansive birds-eye views of the title track Cityscape.

Cityscape forms part four of the SYNERGY series, an exploration of electronic music past, present and future. Currently at four volumes, the SYNERGY series offers some of the finest electronic music available today, revealing a fresh new perspective on the nostalgic sounds and rhythms of the past fused with a vibrant and inspiring vision of the future.
  1. First Light
  2. Sidewalk
  3. Skyway
  4. Easy Street
  5. Garden Party
  6. Lovers Lane
  7. Forward Motion
  8. Fever Dream
  9. Hot Pursuit
  10. Outward Bound
  11. The Darker Path
  12. Elsewhere
  13. Cityscape

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This video contains clips of all of the tracks from the Cityscape album.

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    Cityscape by Clifford White
    First Light // Cityscape
    1. First Light // Cityscape
    2. Sidewalk // Cityscape
    3. Skyway // Cityscape
    4. Easy Street // Cityscape
    5. Garden Party // Cityscape
    6. Lovers Lane // Cityscape
    7. Forward Motion // Cityscape
    8. Fever Dream // Cityscape
    9. Hot Pursuit // Cityscape
    10. Outward Bound // Cityscape
    11. The Darker Path // Cityscape
    12. Elsewhere // Cityscape
    13. Cityscape // Cityscape