Spring Fantasy

Spring Fantasy by Clifford White

Spring Fantasy

Genre : A classic album from Clifford’s early career, Spring Fantasy is a delightfully uplifting and playful album depicting the onset of Springtime. Child-like and mischievous, Spring Fantasy captures the optimism and excitement of this time of year, when both fauna and flora awaken to the joys of Spring.

What is clear upon listening to Spring Fantasy, is that the music is telling some kind of fairy story - with tracks like April Showers, Merlins Cave and Anemone, the imaginary aspect is obvious. Clifford uses the Springtime as a setting to weave his psychedelic tale, mixing washes of colour and splashes of sound into a joyful and carefree collection of tracks.

Also evident here is a sense of humour, often absent from new age albums, where a mood of child-like whimsy abounds. Spring Fantasy can almost be imagined as a kind of Salvador Dali type fairy story, where fauns, pixies, elves and fairies go about their business.
  1. First Born
  2. April Showers
  3. Daddy Long Legs
  4. Anemone
  5. Evensong
  6. Into The Blue
  7. Dandelions
  8. The Rainbow Makers
  9. Spring Fantasy
  10. Merlins Cave
  11. Ballet Of The Ripple Skaters

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    Spring Fantasy by Clifford White
    First Born // Spring Fantasy
    1. First Born // Spring Fantasy
    2. April Showers // Spring Fantasy
    3. Daddy Long Legs // Spring Fantasy
    4. Anemone // Spring Fantasy
    5. Evensong // Spring Fantasy
    6. Into The Blue // Spring Fantasy
    7. Dandelions // Spring Fantasy
    8. The Rainbow Makers // Spring Fantasy
    9. Spring Fantasy // Spring Fantasy
    10. Merlins Cave // Spring Fantasy
    11. Ballet Of The Ripple Skaters // Spring Fantasy