The Lifespring

The Lifespring by Clifford White

The Lifespring

Genre : Like a freshwater running stream or a pure quartz crystal, The Lifespring sparkles with clarity and freshness. Suffused with vitality, The Lifespring reflects the wide range of styles in which Clifford is capable of composing, from classical to world music, jazz to ambient and back again.

Under the surface of The Lifespring is a central theme which explores the ever-changing currents and entwining streams of our lives.
  1. The Last Snows of Winter
  2. In The Beginning
  3. Lost At Shore
  4. Rain Trek
  5. Hym-Halaya
  6. Water Garden
  7. Lifestream
  8. Plateau
  9. Shimmering Gold
  10. First To Love

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This video contains clips of all of the tracks from The Lifespring album.

“I bought The Lifespring at a Festival in London recently. I admire music and yours is fabulous. I have heard a lot of ‘new age’ music in the past couple of years but feel yours is in a class of its own. Keep up the wonderful work!!! I wish you success and plenty of inspiration!'” – Amanda.

“I cannot begin to describe the impact of Clifford White’s CD Lifespring upon the household. The haunting melodies woven into the music of track 3 reduced my eight-year-old daughter to tears. She plays piano and one can only presume that the music triggered some deep switch or other, hidden below the conscious level. She said “It was ‘warm’, like the safety of mummy’s tummy!” – P.Collins.

“The Lifespring has given an insurmountable amount of pleasure especially to my Mother. She is dying but does not know it as yet. But the peaceful feelings she received whilst in hospital and now whilst I am nursing her at home. Really I am just saying thank you.” – Patricia.

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    The Lifespring by Clifford White
    The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
    1. The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
    2. In The Beginning // The Lifespring
    3. Lost At Shore // The Lifespring
    4. Rain Trek // The Lifespring
    5. Hym-Halaya // The Lifespring
    6. Water Garden // The Lifespring
    7. Lifestream // The Lifespring
    8. Plateau // The Lifespring
    9. Shimmering Gold // The Lifespring
    10. First To Love // The Lifespring