Twilight Paradise

Twilight Paradise by Clifford White

Twilight Paradise

Genre : Twilight Paradise exudes a dreamy-smooth tropical warmth, reminiscent of sparkling seascapes and cool, balmy evenings by the shoreline. A heady mix of exotic instruments and Latin influenced rhythms, sultry keyboards and saxophones.

Planning a holiday? An escape to exotic climes? Then you can’t go far wrong by taking a copy of Twilight Paradise along for the journey. From the first few bars, Twilight Paradise exudes a jazzy and tropical warmth, reminiscent of sparkling seascapes and cool, balmy evenings by the shoreline. An equal mix of exotic instruments and latin influenced rhythms, Twilight Paradise mixes a rich musical cocktail full of warm memories and sentimental moods.

Combining the sultry keyboards and production skills of Clifford White with the smooth tones and textures from the saxophone of Danny Langsman - a surefire recipe of Caribbean and Brazilian inspired atmospheric music.
  1. Atlantic Heights
  2. Island of Love
  3. Tropibop
  4. Dreamtide
  5. Arrival
  6. Ecosphere
  7. Starstream
  8. Tropicool
  9. Nightscape
  10. Twilight Paradise

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Comments & Short Reviews

This video contains clips of all of the tracks from the Twilight Paradise album.

“Twilight Paradise, by new age composer Clifford White, is a dreamy-smooth soft jazz interpretation of a tropical paradise. “Day Side” features silky sax melodies with gentle rhythms; “Night Side” offers spacier pieces, some verging on languid space music (more interesting to my mind), that will set a laidback ambience. Suzanne Bramson‘s vocalese on the title track adds a sultry sophistication. Danny Langsman plays saxophone on all pieces. White never really “steps out” with either style, so the album would be suitable for background music.” – Carol Wright, All Music Guide.

“The album is a journey, the synth creating exquisite moods and landscapes, like a brochure from an astral travel agency! Danny Langsman’s sax walks the dances, exploring through the boppy Latin day side and the atmospheric night side of the album. I prefer the latter, with its palpable sense of mystery – proof that Clifford has discovered compelling musical images which express the ineffable quality of the world of dream.” – Brian Lee, I to I magazine.

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    Twilight Paradise by Clifford White
    Atlantic Heights // Twilight Paradise
    1. Atlantic Heights // Twilight Paradise
    2. Island of Love // Twilight Paradise
    3. Tropibop // Twilight Paradise
    4. Dreamtide // Twilight Paradise
    5. Arrival // Twilight Paradise
    6. Ecosphere // Twilight Paradise
    7. Starstream // Twilight Paradise
    8. Tropicool // Twilight Paradise
    9. Nightscape // Twilight Paradise
    10. Twilight Paradise // Twilight Paradise