Waterworld by Clifford White


Genre : Inspired by the early works of Jean-Michel Jarre (especially the Oxygene and Equinoxe albums), Waterworld explores beautiful alien planets and exotic ecospheres.

Clifford believes that Jean-Michel Jarre's early works created a musical language all of their own, and that this language is still ripe for exploration and invention. To that end, Clifford's Waterworld opus continues in the Jarre-esque style, evoking rich vistas of sound and colour in a variety of moods, from the blissed-out relaxation of Edentide to the pulsing beats of Moonlight Express and Tranceport.

Waterworld forms part one of the SYNERGY series, an exploration of electronic music past, present and future. Currently at four volumes, the SYNERGY series offers some of the finest electronic music available today, revealing a fresh new perspective on the nostalgic sounds and rhythms of the past fused with a vibrant and inspiring vision of the future.

Other albums in the SYNERGY series include:

> The Speed of Silence
> Robot Dawn
> Cityscape
  1. Waterworld
  2. Kinetic
  3. Tranceport
  4. Edentide
  5. Timestream
  6. Sealebration
  7. Venus Rising
  8. Moonlight Express
  9. Sea of Stars
  10. Synergy

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Waterworld by Clifford White
Waterworld // Waterworld
  1. Waterworld // Waterworld
  2. Kinetic // Waterworld
  3. Tranceport // Waterworld
  4. Edentide // Waterworld
  5. Timestream // Waterworld
  6. Sealebration // Waterworld
  7. Venus Rising // Waterworld
  8. Moonlight Express // Waterworld
  9. Sea of Stars // Waterworld
  10. Synergy // Waterworld