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Aqua by Clifford White
12 March 2017
Aqua by Clifford White

Aqua review by Peter King, MG Music (November 2005)

Dive in to this sublime release from Clifford White which presents a refreshingly diverse musical experience. Aqua is a fusion of light tropical rhythms and Clifford’s harmonious keyboard that when heard in unison creates the audio equivalent of light patterns reflecting upon the ceiling from a vast pool of water.

Inner reflection is encouraged as the music gently draws you in and holds your senses captive never quite settling down. The melodies never become monotonous as the music is constantly changing, waxing and waning much like the tides and the unseen undercurrents of the ocean.

An extremely indulgent release, the CD holds such quality and depth of feeling that you can’t help but let your stresses be swept away by the flow of Clifford’s melodies.

The disc holds 4 tracks, each different in composition yet constant in mood and energy; tracks 1-3 are pleasantly paced and of average length but it is the 4th track which really shows what this CD is all about. No 4 is 20+ minutes of aquatic bliss that simply submerges the senses beneath the sound waves of Mr Whites vision.

Ideally this release is best suited to long uninterrupted soaks in the Jacuzzi or bath; if you are fortunate enough to be pampered on a regular basis the music also makes a perfect backdrop for Aromatherapy, Massage or the therapy of your choice.

Classical Beauty
Gods of Olympus // The Gods of Olympus
  1. Gods of Olympus // The Gods of Olympus
  2. Aphrodite // The Gods of Olympus
  3. Atlantis // Atlantis
  4. Ares // The Gods of Olympus
  5. The Power Within // The Healing Touch
  6. Eternity // The Healing Touch
  7. New World // Atlantis
  8. Hermes // The Gods of Olympus
  9. Reawakening // The Healing Touch
  10. Poseidon // The Gods of Olympus
  11. The Journey Begins // Revelation
  12. Into Infinity // Revelation
  13. Eternity’s Ocean // Revelation
  14. Rapture // Revelation
  15. Forevergreen // Revelation
  16. The Blessed // Revelation
  17. The Golden Years // Nature's Symphony
  18. Revelation // Revelation
  19. Worlds in Motion // Nature's Symphony
  20. Tears of Innocence // Revelation
  21. Transmigrations // Nature's Symphony
  22. The Never Ending Dream // Revelation
  23. Inspirations // Nature's Symphony
  24. The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
  25. Golden Sunrise // Ascension
  26. The Calling // Ascension
  27. Mr. Elemental // Ascension
  28. Church of Light // Ascension
  29. Arrival // Twilight Paradise
  30. Ascension // Ascension
  31. Music Box Lullaby // Ascension
  32. Hallowed Ground // Ascension
  33. Journey’s End // Ascension
  34. First To Love // The Lifespring