Ascension review by Nevill Drury, Healthy Living (November 1986)

Ascension by Clifford White

Clifford White is an inspired and talented synthesizer player who could well emerge as England’s answer to Kitaro – his recording Ascension is simply outstanding.

White is a master of intriguing melody lines, as on ‘Golden Sunrise’ and ‘Journey’s End’, but also explores a wide range of musical tones and textures with his electronic equipment. ‘The Calling’ has an orchestral quality and its melody line suggests a glockenspiel.

‘Church of Light’ is regal and most attractive, with its harp-like introduction and rich layers of synthesizer, while ‘Hallowed Ground’ is full of mystery – the music seems to rise up from the earth as if in awesome revelation.

Ascension itself is almost a type of ‘Moonlight Sonata’, and ethereal tones are added to give considerable depth to the composition. Overall, fine album and one which is thoroughly recommended.

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Clifford White

Composer / Producer
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