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20 April 2019
Clifford White in his studio

Interview with Clifford White by Jean-Pierre Niaulon, The Yogidra Blog (April 2019)

An interview with Clifford White, composer.

Hello Clifford,  such a pleasure for us welcoming you on our pages!
Nice to meet you too!

You are probably one of the most talented and awarded pioneers of New Age/Electronica music.
That’s very kind of you to say!

Can you tell us more about your way since you were Karma, and a New World label music Ascension performer?
Well, that was over 30 years ago, and so of course a lot has happened since then! I moved house a couple of times, got married, had children, ran a business etc. But in musical terms, nothing has changed at all! I am still writing the same kind of music, which I love to do. I have always been interested in the way sound and music can affect the emotions. The strange moods that are evoked when one hears a haunting flute, a gentle harp, the sound of raindrops or the roar of the ocean – the power of sound to elicit an emotion is a fascination to me. How and why does it work? Science cannot really explain music, and how it is able to communicate with our deepest feelings. I believe that this is because there is a spiritual dimension to our existence which Science cannot explain. I believe that music is the language of the soul (or the spirit), and that by combining the right sounds and music together, one can reach those places in the heart and mind that words cannot. And exploring the myriad of different ways that sound and music can be combined together to achieve this effect is my ongoing life’s mission!

Part of your music is pure electronica, with underground-lounge flavour, part is very relaxing. Are electronics and yoga your main hobbies?
Yes, music takes up most of my spare time, although do I like to read a lot of spiritual books, take nature walks, and have discussions with my friends on the nature of reality and the meaning of life!

What about Synergy new series?
I am very proud of the SYNERGY series. It’s the first time I have released four albums at once. I have so much unfinished music on my computer, I decided to try and compile a four album set of all the most electronic synthesizer stuff together. I never thought I’d be able to do four albums in one go, but I managed it!

The SYNERGY series is an exploration of electronic music past, present and future. Currently at four volumes, the SYNERGY series offers some of the finest electronic music available today, revealing a fresh new perspective on the nostalgic sounds and rhythms of the past fused with a vibrant and inspiring vision of the future.

Some flash brain questions…Are you ready?
Your best place for a vacation?
Anywhere by the sea!

Your latest preferred movie?
The last movie I was impressed with was ‘The Matrix’.
My top 5 movies are:

  1. Heaven Can Wait (starring Warren Beatty)
  2. Defending Your Life (starring Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks)
  3. Close Encounters (starring Richard Dreyfuss)
  4. Altered States (starring William Hurt).
  5. Brainstorm (starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood).

Your latest book on nightstand?
I am currently reading ‘Miracles Happen’ by Dr Brian Weiss, which is all about past life regression. My Number one favourite book of all time is MISSION by Patrick Tilley. Just brilliant. My number two favourite is ‘Song of the Greys’ by Nigel Kerner, which is a must-read book!!!

Your best experience as a composer?
All the years I have been able to have (and use) my own recording studio. I am so impressed with music technology – especially how it is possible to record entire albums with almost no equipment at all. It’s a miracle!

When will you perform live for us here in Provence?
Hahaha. When will you ask me?

Bonus: A massage for humanity please?
Know yourself. Accept your faults and mistakes. No one’s perfect, but you are uniquely imperfect. There’s no other you than you!

Interview by Jean-Pierre Niaulon. Translated from French.
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Classical Beauty
Gods of Olympus // The Gods of Olympus
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  5. The Power Within // The Healing Touch
  6. Eternity // The Healing Touch
  7. New World // Atlantis
  8. Hermes // The Gods of Olympus
  9. Reawakening // The Healing Touch
  10. Poseidon // The Gods of Olympus
  11. The Journey Begins // Revelation
  12. Into Infinity // Revelation
  13. Eternity’s Ocean // Revelation
  14. Rapture // Revelation
  15. Forevergreen // Revelation
  16. The Blessed // Revelation
  17. The Golden Years // Nature's Symphony
  18. Revelation // Revelation
  19. Worlds in Motion // Nature's Symphony
  20. Tears of Innocence // Revelation
  21. Transmigrations // Nature's Symphony
  22. The Never Ending Dream // Revelation
  23. Inspirations // Nature's Symphony
  24. The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
  25. Golden Sunrise // Ascension
  26. The Calling // Ascension
  27. Mr. Elemental // Ascension
  28. Church of Light // Ascension
  29. Arrival // Twilight Paradise
  30. Ascension // Ascension
  31. Music Box Lullaby // Ascension
  32. Hallowed Ground // Ascension
  33. Journey’s End // Ascension
  34. First To Love // The Lifespring