Ice Age by Clifford White – A review by Pablo Rego, Yoga Without Borders (September 2020)

“Ice Age”, a double album that recreates the landscape of an icy new world full of life.

Ice Age by Clifford White

“Ice Age” is a double album, recently released and inspired by the last Ice Age in which British composer, producer and teacher Clifford White, in a relaxed climate, full of rich and relaxing vibes, brimming with optimism, hope, romance and joy, create an ode of electronic music, chill out, ambient and new age dedicated to a past in which nature roamed freely and the world was new.

With an exquisite handling of keyboards, synthesizers and a successful introduction of wind or percussion instruments, which provide the necessary colors to the desired climates, Clifford creates and executes original images that turn out to be cinematic trips and awaken the imagination, sensually vibrating the body in search of memories that, in this case, are part of the Earth ancestry.

The sound of “Ice Age” is at times intimate, subtle and contemplative and goes through some cool, rhythmic states or symphonic climates. In this way, the British composer creates landscapes and situations of an icy world from which he seems to seek all possible points of view to recreate his most complete scene.

Enjoy ‘Crystal Vision’, a track from Ice Age by Clifford White.

The two albums, made up of ten tracks that add up to more than seventy minutes of beautiful music each, are a journey to a remote past, a dreamlike contemplation that could be an instant inspiration or the sum of countless memories of other lives, the product of the imagination or thousands of sensations in the body that are reproduced in sounds in a fluid, undulating and walking environment.

Ice Age (I & II) is a conceptual work in which the different themes narrate, poetically and inspiringly, landscapes, small details of the lives present at that time, the great movements or the natural cycles of that planet that although it is now was another. And also aspects that define an environment, from its geography to the climate, from an ice crystal to an infinite plain. A spectacular journey through music rich in nuances, through a fascinating world that was the bright potential of the seed of what we see today decline. Everything was about to happen, everything was new and what abounded was the expansive movement of a very powerful projection.

Each part, each track, each one of the small individual musical works of “Ice Age” is part of a great thematic work that, through different aesthetic and artistic formulas, maintains a harmonious atmosphere and a game of observation carried out with the innocence of a first glance. The soundtrack tells of things that began to happen, that dawned, that were repeated and recreated through time, but that in those origins woke up to life originally and initially.

About Clifford White.

As a music producer, he is known for his hit New Age album, ” Ascension,” originally released in 1985 when Clifford White was 17 years old. The album sold more than 50,000 copies.

Clifford also runs his own digital media agency, 21st Century New Media, and teaches web design and video production techniques to national and local businesses.

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Translated from the Spanish review by Pablo Rego of Yoga Without Borders.
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Clifford White

Composer / Producer
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