Jonathan FeBland (aka Nicholas Land)

Jonathan FeBland in the studio

I’m just announcing the death of a good friend and talented composer Jonathan FeBland (aka Nicholas Land) after a long battle with cancer.

Jonathan and I started our first studio together in 1984, recording ‘The Seasons’ for New World Music, a collection of Jon’s classical music pieces. It was a joyful and exciting time for both of us, just starting out in the music business, with a studio all of our very own.

Ionospheres by Karma
Ionospheres, the 1985 album I wrote with Jonathan FeBland (aka Nicholas Land) under the pseudonym Karma.

In 1985, Jon and I collaborated on three albums for New World, producing the chilled ambience of IONOSPHERES (under the pseudonym KARMA), the funky SPEED OF SOUND (as ‘Whitelight’) and the epic spiritual vocal album LEGACY, as ‘Whitelight and friends’.

I also worked with him on his excellent sequel to ‘The Seasons’ called ‘Wonders of the World’, again featuring a selection of Johns superb classical tone poems set in an electronic soundscape.

Although our collaborative efforts diminished over the ensuing years, we continued to be good friends, sharing our crazy Monty Python sense of humour, coming up with endless nonsensical lyrics for John’s songs that would often result in crying with tears of laughter.

I am proud to be carrying his musical legacy forward in my own way with the re-recording of the LEGACY album that we wrote together all those years ago.

Jon, I shall sorely miss your zany humour and your astonishing ability to, as you would have put it, ‘write a pretty good tune or two’.

God has acquired a formidable composer. I hope he puts you in your rightful place in charge of the orchestra!

Jonathan also maintained his own YouTube channel with many performances of his original musical compositions:

Jonathan’s brother Adam has setup a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting recent performances of Jonathan’s music, which you can find here:

Music Makers
Jon (aka Nicholas) Land and I in our very first recording studio. Dig the funky jumper!
The Seasons by Nicholas Land
The Seasons by Nicholas Land (1984). The very first album I produced.

Jonathan’s first album The Seasons was released on the New World Music label in 1984. Jonathan chose to adopt the pseudonym of Nicholas Land, to differentiate this music from his classical work. The album comprises of light and uplifting ‘tone poems’ reflecting the joy and happiness of the world outdoors.

You can now listen to The Seasons in its entirety on

Wonders of the World by Nicholas Land
Wonders of the World by Nicholas Land, his second album.

The sequel to The Seasons, Wonders of the World was a collection of tracks depicting some of the most famous landmarks in the world. This was released in 1985 on the New World Music label. In a similar style to the The Seasons, this album again display’s Jonathan’s melodic and carefree musical styles, suffused with optimism and joy.

You can now listen to Wonders of the World in its entirety on

Beyond the Sky by Jon Land
Beyond the Sky (1991) a compilation of Jonathan FeBlands best tracks from the 1980’s.

Many years after the New World releases, Jonathan returned to the genre with this compilation album of remixes of some of his best known New World material. He also agreed to drop the Nicholas Land pseudonym, choosing the slightly more recognizable Jon Land variant of his name.

Shimmering Moon by Nicholas Land
Shimmering Moon by Nicholas Land (1986).

Shimmering Moon, part one of Jonathan’s Landscape Collection painted calm and gentle vistas of sound as a relaxing backdrop to warm summer evenings and as restful interludes.

Night Echoes by Nicholas Land
Night Echoes by Nicholas Land (1986).

Part two of the Landscape Collection continued in the same style as the first, providing a smooth and restful bed of gentle music for peace and relaxation.

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