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Client Bennett Arron, Ashley Blaker, Out Of Bounds Comedy
Skills WordPress, Web Design, HTML, CSS, SEO, Photoshop, Content Management

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Your expert advice helped smooth a potentially rocky road and I would heartily recommend your sevices to anyone looking for a reliable web master.
– Charlie, Avaline Publishing.

Bennett Arron

Bennett Arron is an Award Winning Writer, Actor, Author, Identity Theft Speaker and BAFTA Shortlisted Director. As a comedian Bennett has performed at all the major comedy clubs around the UK as well as entertaining audiences across the world. As an Actor, Bennett worked alongside Michael Sheen in the film Dead Long Enough and he played the part of The Great Suprendo in the film Genie in the House: Legend of The Dragon.

Delighted with my website. Clifford did a great job – even though he didn’t make me look thinner in the photos.
– Bennett Arron.

I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent work you have completed on my website recently. Your advice and guidance has been excellent and I can already see the results of having my website managed by 21st Century New Media.
– Robert, Magical Murals.

Ashley Blaker

Ashley Blaker is the UK’s only Orthodox Jewish comedian, as well as a comedy writer and producer for radio and TV. As a radio producer, he was responsible for first unleashing the comedy phenomenon Little Britain on the nation and he has worked with a who’s who of TV comedy. His company Black Hat Productions is currently making several new series for BBC Radio 4.

Thanks Clifford for my website. Really thrilled with it although I slightly worry I look quite Jewish.
– Ashley Blaker.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the amazing job that your company has done in creating the new DMC website.
– Lee, DMC.

Out Of Bounds Comedy

Out of Bounds Comedy hold regular public comedy nights at several venues around the South East. They also organise fund-raising comedy events for many other Golf Clubs, School PTA’s, Pubs and Sports Clubs in the South East of England.

Very happy with the website, it has certainly raised our profile and creates a very professional appearance. I am also here to point out that Clifford does not only work for the Jewish comedy fraternity..
– Richard Minnis, Out of Bounds Comedy.

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