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13 April 2019
Robot Dawn by Clifford White

Robot Dawn review by Pablo Rego, Yoga without Borders (April 2019)

“Robot Dawn”, a story of creation and robots.

The third volume of the series “Synergy” of the British Clifford White is an album created from the idea of the soundtrack of a futuristic film in which the center of the scene is taken by the appearance of a new artificial life. “Robot Dawn” is a conceptual work of climates that are telling a story through the exploration of sounds of electronic music.

The music has different aesthetics that propose rhythmic progressions that work on harmonic bases, oriental elements, futuristic soundscapes like a video game of the 80s or alley climate of the future, painting the night in the city, the melancholic reflection, the vertigo of the trip to the future and the discovery of the magic of creation.

According to Clifford White himself, the German group Kraftwerk has strongly influenced the creation of the style of this album, which is not surprising since this German band of electronic music, which has been in force since the 70s, has influenced everyone those artists who have explored in depth the world of electronic music.

The Kraftwerk band, formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider , has always stood out for being avant-garde in the use of technology and experimentation with new resources to create complex and visionary music for the society of the present and the future. It makes a lot of sense that an album that talks about robots is, in part, a tribute to this transcendent group that is a classic of all times within the genre.

The moments of tension of “Robot Dawn” are not given so much in the themes but in the contrasts of the different climates of each one of the subjects among themselves, passing from one subject to the other as one passes from one scene to the other in a movie.

“I’ve always wanted to make a science fiction soundtrack, so I thought this was my chance to “go to the city” with that concept.” says Clifford White. According to the British author, speaking of his own album, the album highlights the songs “Robot Dawn”, which according to him could have been the melody of the theme of one of the films of “Terminator” and the track “New Horizons”.

The theme “Robot Dawn” seems to relate a scene that develops while discovering the existence of the robot. As the music is gaining movement in a climate of suspense, the robot will come alive or will be shown. The music of this theme is contemplative and goes along with the presence of the manifestation of the creation of life, like a miracle present even in an automaton. “New Horizons” – It is an expansive dance theme, with speed, that describes a vertiginous journey towards the future, with a planetary perspective that allows us to observe new horizons from a cosmic distance.

The album “Robot Dawn” is telling a great story of robots, of the future, with enigmas and mysteries that are developing and clarifying towards the end in some last scenes that take place in a climate in which history becomes an anecdote of a longer and transcendent time.

In addition to “Robot Dawn”, the other three volumes of the conceptual work “Synergy” are “Waterworld”, “The Speed of Silence” and “Cityscape”. More information about the musician, composer and producer Clifford White on his website

Translated from the original Spanish review by Pablo Rego for the Yoga without Borders MagazineSee original review here.

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