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25 March 2019
The Speed of Silence by Clifford White

The Speed of Silence review by Pablo Rego, Yoga without Borders (March 2019)

“The Speed of Silence”, an optimistic mix of electronic music styles of all time.

The second volume of the series “Synergy”, in which the British Clifford White explores the styles of electronic music of different times diving between the classic, the modern and the new age, “The Speed of Silence” is at times a tribute to different artists who left their mark in the electronic music of the 20th century and at times a personal experience of recreation of styles with 21st century sounds.

Among the artists that Clifford honored especially in this album are Edgar Froese (musician, composer, painter and German producer founder of the group “Tangerine Dream” in 1967) present in the song “Froesen Dreams” and the mythical and famous Greek Vangelis in the theme “Fertile” inspired by the album “Soil Festivities” from the year 1984.

Electronic music always refers us to the contemporary imagination, often related to the exploration of outer space and also to emotions and stories imagined from the projection of limits beyond the apparent or known.

In “The Speed of Silence” Clifford White poses a positive climate highlighting elements and experiences that project towards a pleasant reality in a time full of nature and liberation of the soul, mixing this climate with an expansion towards the infinite that allows to travel through space more beyond the natural borders of our particular world.

While the rhythm of the music on the album is brilliant, the themes are going through different moments that refer to introspection, the celebration of joy, extroversion or celebration, connecting with the fascination of discovering an era of exploration of the Universe. through classical electronic music, with winks of space rock, ambient, funk and new age.

The cheerful, rhythmic and powerful climate of the third track that gives its name to the album, “The Speed of Silence”, is a hymn to classical electronic music that spans the decades, from the 70s to the present.

The other three volumes of the conceptual work “Synergy” are “Waterworld”, “Robot Dawn” and “Cityscape”.

More information about the musician, composer and producer Clifford White on his website

Translated from the original Spanish review by Pablo Rego for the Yoga without Borders Magazine. See original review here.

Classical Beauty
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  5. The Power Within // The Healing Touch
  6. Eternity // The Healing Touch
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  8. Hermes // The Gods of Olympus
  9. Reawakening // The Healing Touch
  10. Poseidon // The Gods of Olympus
  11. The Journey Begins // Revelation
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  13. Eternity’s Ocean // Revelation
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  16. The Blessed // Revelation
  17. The Golden Years // Nature's Symphony
  18. Revelation // Revelation
  19. Worlds in Motion // Nature's Symphony
  20. Tears of Innocence // Revelation
  21. Transmigrations // Nature's Symphony
  22. The Never Ending Dream // Revelation
  23. Inspirations // Nature's Symphony
  24. The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
  25. Golden Sunrise // Ascension
  26. The Calling // Ascension
  27. Mr. Elemental // Ascension
  28. Church of Light // Ascension
  29. Arrival // Twilight Paradise
  30. Ascension // Ascension
  31. Music Box Lullaby // Ascension
  32. Hallowed Ground // Ascension
  33. Journey’s End // Ascension
  34. First To Love // The Lifespring