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08 March 2019
Waterworld by Clifford White

Waterworld review by Pablo Rego, Yoga without Borders (March 2019)

A world of water created for the celebration of the Universe through music

The British musician Clifford White launches “Waterworld“, one of the four albums of the series “Synergy“, an exploration of music that navigates between classical, modern and new age.

Waterworld” is a message of gratitude, of an artist’s deep connection with his points of inspiration over time and the recreation of the art of sounds creatively feeding back their roots and their development.

With the water as a symbol of fluidity, as a way of thinking through the messages created in a clear atmosphere of connection between the human being and the universe, the themes of “Waterworld” express the dimension of sensitivity, the perfection of intelligence, the mathematics of music and the liberation of the message towards the Cosmos as a way of letting go of logic and freeing the world of codes that seek to be received and understood.

Clifford Whiteis inspired by the artists who find the keys to relate with new resources the new aspects of a world that is transforming itself. As happened in other times with different creators of classical music, or in the ’70s with artists of the stature of Jean-Michel Jarre, with the passage of time, the message and the medium have evolved in a similar way with a particular vision of the technology applied to art and the use of novel resources to tell new stories too.

“Waterworld” talks about movement, the feedback that makes life develop, the energy that makes planets turn, the flow of time and human experience in relation to phenomena that are beyond control, all in a climate that changes from introspection to celebration, from contemplation to meditative trance.

In the words of Clifford White:Waterworld” is, essentially, myself saying thank you for the music” The other three volumes of this conceptual work are The Speed ​​of Silence , Robot Dawn and Cityscape.

Clifford’s musical career began in the early 1980s with his first solo album, Ascension, composed and produced entirely by Clifford at the age of 17, and released in 1985 by New World Music. The album sold more than 50,000 copies, establishing itself as the all-time classic of the genre with its calm and serene tones and peaceful atmosphere.

Since then Clifford created another 8 solo albums during this period, followed by a return to music in the mid-2000s with 3 other albums and continues to produce music at his Hertfordshired-based music studio.  More information at

Translated from the original Spanish review by Pablo Rego for the Yoga without Borders Magazine. See original review here.

Classical Beauty
Gods of Olympus // The Gods of Olympus
  1. Gods of Olympus // The Gods of Olympus
  2. Aphrodite // The Gods of Olympus
  3. Atlantis // Atlantis
  4. Ares // The Gods of Olympus
  5. The Power Within // The Healing Touch
  6. Eternity // The Healing Touch
  7. New World // Atlantis
  8. Hermes // The Gods of Olympus
  9. Reawakening // The Healing Touch
  10. Poseidon // The Gods of Olympus
  11. The Journey Begins // Revelation
  12. Into Infinity // Revelation
  13. Eternity’s Ocean // Revelation
  14. Rapture // Revelation
  15. Forevergreen // Revelation
  16. The Blessed // Revelation
  17. The Golden Years // Nature's Symphony
  18. Revelation // Revelation
  19. Worlds in Motion // Nature's Symphony
  20. Tears of Innocence // Revelation
  21. Transmigrations // Nature's Symphony
  22. The Never Ending Dream // Revelation
  23. Inspirations // Nature's Symphony
  24. The Last Snows of Winter // The Lifespring
  25. Golden Sunrise // Ascension
  26. The Calling // Ascension
  27. Mr. Elemental // Ascension
  28. Church of Light // Ascension
  29. Arrival // Twilight Paradise
  30. Ascension // Ascension
  31. Music Box Lullaby // Ascension
  32. Hallowed Ground // Ascension
  33. Journey’s End // Ascension
  34. First To Love // The Lifespring